Re-Imagining Globalization

Exploring the future of globalization, its effects and impacts

The Re-Imagining Globalization Series

USCIB, the USCIB Foundation, Wilton Park USA, London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and S&R Evermay launched a series of in-person roundtables in the fall of 2022 to explore the future of globalization and its effect on trade, global value chains, and equity. The sessions aim to elicit practical insights, resulting in a Topline Action Report.
Globalization experienced severe challenges before the COVID health pandemic and these threats to the international system that has governed many aspects of world affairs for the last 75 years have only increased. The threats to political and economic stability in a post-pandemic world have been intensified by Russian aggression in Ukraine, rising global inflation, and accelerated climate change. Global trade and development have moved billions of people out of poverty and elevated living standards; however, its future has never been more in question.
Key Discussion Questions
  • Regionalization: What is the present role of globalization versus regionalization? What shifts have been made towards regionalization?
  • Global Trade: How is trade affected by shifts in globalization versus regionalization? How does business have a role in trade shifts to create “global value chains”?
  • Political Instability: What is the role of unrest and instability in affecting globalization, supply chain disruptions, and impacts on trust?
  • Impact & Equity: What are the impacts on SMEs and microbusiness? What are the impacts on equity and younger generations? Who benefits from globalization?

Session Outcomes

  • Trade is essential to the wellbeing of globalization
  • Business should assume a more critical role, while not impeding on the role of government
  • The next generation’s involvement is vital to the wellbeing of globalization
    Enhanced and renewed alliances are required to increase trade regionally and globally
  • The role of media has shifted with the bombardment of information effecting media’s impact
  • Africa is often left out of the conversation yet plays a critical role in globalization
  • There is no question of the relevance of globalization, but rather what form it will take

Topline Action Reports
The Topline Action Reports are available for download and distribution.

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